Oiconomy Pricing tool

The Oiconomy system is a completely new type of Life Cycle Assessment of products (and possibly companies), developed at the Utrecht University. Read more here

Oiconomy Pricing Foundation

The role of the Oiconomy Pricing Foundation is the development and safeguarding of the methodology. The market introduction will be organized by a start-up. Read more here

Role of science

Oiconomy Pricing favors full transparency and follows the open science principle. Our methodological principles, calculation rules and data sources are visible for all. Our tool is ready for use, but it can always be improved. Read more here

Real price

Sales prices do not reflect the real costs of products. The costs of pollution, climate change, exploitative labour conditions, and other unsustainable practices are not included. Oiconomy Pricing enables producers to calculate the full price of their products. Read more here